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Hello! I am Dr. Paul Dejillas, an options and currency trader for more than a decade now. My experience in trading made me realize the importance of sharing my knowledge and expertise to others, especially those in the developing countries where poverty is widespread.  More  ...  

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Over a cup of tea or coffee, join Dr. Paul in the FORUM in his day-to-day analysis of the market and learn what stocks are most active and gaining. More importantly, learn when to enter, remain, and get out of the market through his insights in fundamental and technical analyses! But first become a member. For the benefits and privileges of becoming a member, please click here.


The seminar provided skills training on the use of indicators, choosing the most profitable stocks, buying, holding, and selling shares. I have tested the concept. I set my goal to 20% profit and 5% loss. I bought CHLB, SVA, NRG, SCHN, and WMI. The result was incredible - a 94.31% profit. The beauty of it all was being able to do online trading without any outside help. This online trading seminar can really be a gateway to a more dependable resource base (Boni Comandante, Ph.D.-Scientist, Engineer, Sleeping-Fish Inventor). 

After learning the basic knowledge and skills of online trading, what I really like most is that l now learn how to analyze the performance of a stock.  I can connect its performance with what is happening in the indusry or sector and in the world economy. I can draw a picture of its future. Learning how to read candlesticks patterns, moving averages, and volume of trading also helps me to decide which stocks from my watchlist I can buy within the next few days. There are, of course, other buying and selling indicators that can reinforce my interpretation. The seminar-workshop is indeed highly recommended! (Sheila Viescas - Talk Shop). 


Trading stocks and options online is an experience of making the best choice of potential gains through understanding common price patterns in the stock-market. It is an experience of free choice guided by one's personal values on money. Trading stocks online considers global realities. Knowledge and responsible participation in online trading is a powerful tool to which one can capitalize for a greater purpose. All this, I could not have learned had I not attended Dr. Paul's seminar in Makati and here in the U.S.A. through his online education seminar (Joan Tenda, Ph.D., UNCHR-LA, USA).


Never did I think I could be learning how to trade stocks online. But I did it smoothly by just attending a one-day seminar conducted by Dr. Paul. I gradually found out that it can also be greatly rewarding and empowering financially if one trade religiously by the rules, e.g. setting a profit limit, buying stocks that conforms to one's beliefs, avoid fear and greed, etc. After having mastered enough knowledge and skills, I bought 100 shares of JAS at $32.22/share and another 100 shares of UNH at $29.74/share. As of Feb. 8, 2010, JAS increased to $37.24 while UNH grew to $32.83, or $810.00 gain. Real cool! Now, I have the opportunity raise fund by trading online for my Aral Pinoy project. (Tony Ingles, Ph.D.).

I did not know anything about the stock market until I attended the seminar-workshop of Dr. Paul on October 2008. The training was very informative, practical, and very useful. It helped me to familiarize stocks that are most promising, and even know their history and performance over a given period of time. I learned which stocks to trade, which ones to keep in my portfolio, what stocks to buy and sell. And to think that I am doing this online with my computer is really amazing. I am not even a computer expert. I am still into virtual trading but I have already earned an accumulated profit of more than $10,000. As a busy person, I do online trading only once in a week. (Fr. George Kallumkal, Ph.D.).


The seminars oriented me to some fundamental and technical analyses as well as to several analytical tools for trend following and forecasting. The use of software makes possible the charting of prices in candlestick formation as well as the superimposition of moving averages, slow stochastics, volume, Williams %R, and other indicators.  My boys are learning fast. My younger son is the one that reminds me always of the movement of our stocks and I am so happy with that. Thank you so much Sir Paul for sharing with us the blessings. I and my children will certainly continue attending your future seminars. (Mary Grace Mercado).

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